Samsung has made an announcement for the UK today that it is opening a new apps store. The store is called the Premium Samsung Apps Store for Android. Samsung says the UK is one of the first locations to get the new store offering premium apps like games and more. The purpose of the store is to sell premium apps to users that complement the free downloads that Samsung offers already.

There will be a number of apps on the Premium store and some of the more popular ones include Zenonia, the Sims 3 HD, Need for Speed Shift HD, and 9mm. Samsung notes that there is no sign up process required and the new store makes it easy for Samsung smartphone owners to get premium apps. Apps purchased on the store are paid for using a credit card. In the coming future the premium apps will be able to be billed directly to the customer’s phone bill.

Future payment options will also allow the buyer to deduct the cost from a SIM card balance. The prices of the apps will vary depending on the app and the pricing is noted on a per app basis on the store. UK Samsung owners can start downloading today.

Simon Stanford, Managing Director, Mobile, Samsung UK and Ireland said: “Anyone that signs up to Samsung Apps Store for Android today, will find a multitude of free and premium apps already available. In the spirit of providing Android users with the best possible mobile experience, it is our intention to continue to develop this premium service to ensure our customers have access to all the latest great content on Android.”



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