Samsung, the name behind the brand new Galaxy Tab tablet device that’s popping up all over the globe, has just announced an exclusive partnership with MTV. With it, the Galaxy Tab will be the lone device to feature a brand new MTV-exclusive application. But, if you’re hoping its a great way to watch new music videos whenever you want, sadly that’s not the case. Not even close, actually. No, instead you’ll get to watch Jersey Shore whenever you want. And other shows, too, but who cares about that, right?

The application is focused on the TV shows that have made MTV popular over the last few years. Yes, we know that it should be music that makes MTV popular, but obviously MTV doesn’t care about that anymore. In any case, the new, exclusive application will let owners watch one episode of five different shows, including: The Hills, Jersey Shore, Cribs, Pimp My Ride, and The Dudesons.

The app will also let you get regularly updated news articles, as well as information about upcoming contests, which would let you win prizes. Interestingly enough, the app is set to start shipping out of the box with newly purchased Galaxy Tabs. As in, you may as well go ahead and consider this bloatware, if you’re not someone who watches MTV for the television shows.

[via TG Daily]