You’d think that with all of the lawsuits Samsung has been a part of lately, the company would want to take a little breather. You’d be wrong, apparently, because Samsung announced today that its hitting LG Display with a lawsuit. As it turns out, Samsung wants a court to invalidate a number of LG Display patents relating to OLED technology, an area where both companies fiercely compete.

This appears to be a direct response to LG Display’s lawsuit against Samsung from September, when LG sued the Galaxy S III maker for infringing its OLED patents. The Galaxy S line up and the Galaxy Tab were included in that patent suit, so you can see why Samsung might be looking for a bit of revenge. In all, Samsung wants a total of seven patents invalidated, which presumably includes those that LG claims have been infringed.

Samsung says that these LG Display patents aren’t actually innovative, so therefore, LG Display shouldn’t have them. The two companies have a lot riding on their display divisions, with Samsung making displays for mobile phones and LG Display focusing more on TVs, among other things. They’re obviously both big players in the smartphone space, so expect to hear more about this lawsuit shortly.

Samsung is no stranger to the courtroom. Aside from the lawsuit with LG in September, Samsung and Apple went to court in what was one of the biggest lawsuits of the year. Samsung ended up getting the short end of the stick in that lawsuit, but its legal battle with Apple is far from over, as there’s another Samsung-Apple lawsuit that’s scheduled to go before a judge in 2014. Stay tuned, as we’ll have more information for you once it’s available.

[via Yonhap News]



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