The Samsung and Apple court filings continue. This time the filings are dealing with the patent infringement case that is expected to go to trial a year from now, in March 2014. These latest details simply have both of the companies identifying the products that are potentially infringing on patents. Listing devices aside, it looks like these minor case updates may be coming to an end as U.S. District Judge Lucy H. Koh has said that she is considering putting a freeze in place.

Granted, not a permanent freeze, Bloomberg is reporting that the freeze would be for the time when an appeals court is reviewing the August decision. At this time Judge Koh has asked attorneys from both sides to file a report stating whether or not they will agree to a freeze. These reports are expected by March 7. Whether the freeze ends up coming or not, lets get back to this recent filing. Both Samsung and Apple have identified some devices.

Samsung has said that “all generations” of the iPhone and iPad infringe on “at least three” of their patents. On the flip side, Apple has added the Samsung Galaxy Note tablet and smartphone to the list. Of course, the filing also includes the two latest generation devices, the Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5.

Otherwise, Judge Koh also recently turned down Apple’s request to add extra damages to the first patent infringement case. If you remember back, this was the one where the jury awarded Apple $1.05 billion after they found Samsung guilty of infringing on six patents. And for those having a hard time keeping track, the current case, the one that is expected to go to trial in March 2014 is 12-cv-630. The previous case was 11-cv-1846.