AMD Radeon Samsung

AMD hasn’t exactly been popular in the past few years. The last time AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) was featured here was five years ago. Not that we haven’t mentioned the company but it’s not really a big player in the Android arena. That may change soon as Samsung Electronics has teamed up with AMD to work on ultra-low power and high-performance mobile graphics IP. The two are expected to work on new products that will make use of AMD Radeon graphics technologies to come up with more advanced solutions and innovations that will benefit the mobile industry.

Samsung has been generous in partnering with other companies. We heard about the rumor Samsung is thinking of absorbing Huawei. That may be far from reality but collaborations like this are more than welcome.

The South Korean tech giant has been thinking of the changes in technology in the coming years. It’s currently planning to “bring groundbreaking graphics products and solutions to market for tomorrow’s mobile applications”.

Samsung Electronics’ S.LSI Business President Inyup Kang noted the partnership will AMD is one step to “prepare for disruptive changes in technology and discover new opportunities”. The team up will hopefully “accelerate innovations in mobile graphics technologies” as per the Samsung executive.

AMD is also excited about this partnership. It’s about time Radeon graphics technologies are used more in the mobile market. The goal is to accelerate graphics innovation and we’re looking forward to whatever advancements will be introduced.

AMD is expected to license custom graphics IP to Samsung. Most of them are those based on RDNA graphics architecture. They will be used further on smartphones and other mobile devices.

In return, Samsung will pay AMD any technology license fees and royalties. There is no mention of the amount but we don’t think the terms will be cheap.