That’s rather presumptuous of them, yes? Not if they’ve got the phones to back up their hopes and dreams it isn’t. Nokia currently holds the top spot for mobile phone manufacturer in the world, but Samsung officials have said that their next 12 months will be very important since they’re aiming to outpace Nokia in three years time. The Korea Times reports that Samsung intends to have smartphones and other “premium products” account for over half of its mobile phone production targets in the future – can you say Android?

Samsung says they aim to increase their percentage of phone manufactured in China and Vietnam next year while also increasing its market share in those two nations as well. Samsung’s current three factories in China account for right around 60% of its production while their Vietnam factory (one, single one, ) will soon take up 15%, and their factory in Brazil will be 6% of their total. Then there’s their India factory right in at 5%, and in their home country of South Korea they’ve got 14% of all production – but focusing entirely on their higher-end devices. Will blasting forth from all of these different factories be enough to take down Nokia?

[Via Unwired View]