Another earnings call is going on as we speak. Samsung is busy adding up all their sales, counting their pennies (or million dollar bills) and are posting their reports for Q4 2011. With a strong year over year, and quarter of quarter we are seeing some impressive numbers. Many of which comes directly from their smartphone sales.

Samsung does a lot more than just mobile so their numbers will be much different than most in the Android world but we’ll go ahead and dig through them anyways. They mention an extremely strong quarter thanks to high sales of the Galaxy S II and the Galaxy Nexus just to name a few highlights. Samsung is claiming $4.7 billion in profits for Q4, almost 2 billion more than last year. A large part thanks to the over 300 million smartphones they sold.

With all the semiconductor sales and TV panels from Samsung they did mention that while sales were good, a large portion of profits were exclusively from mobile sales. Reporting around half of their sales ($21 billion) and 40% of their profit coming directly from mobile alone. Most of which is Android-powered smartphones — although they did sell a few WP7 devices too from what I’ve heard.

With numbers like these it’s no wonder Apple has been attacking them on all fronts. When someone sells 300 million smartphones you start to take notice. One important note is the fact that Samsung’s own Younghee Lee specifically mentioned that while Q1 2012 will decline in mobile, they expect another solid quarter with two upcoming Samsung devices for the US. That being the AT&T Galaxy Note, and the Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE. We’ve heard plenty about the 7.7″ Galaxy Tab, but it appears they’ve just confirmed we’ll be seeing it this quarter.

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