The Samsung Galaxy S10+ currently have the highest RAM and storage capacity at 12GB RAM and 1TB. It sounds too good to be true but yes, there is a 12GB RAM with 1TB Android phone available in the market today. We know it’s going to be replaced someday but maybe not anytime soon. It was only recently that Samsung has officially launched the highest-capacity mobile DRAM. After the 512GB eUFS, Samsung is introducing the 12GB LPDDR4X DRAM for next-generation smartphones.

The future flagship phones are expected to have as much as 12GB of RAM. The 1TB storage is quite ambitious but we’re guessing the 256G or 512GB will soon be the minimum standard. The newest RAM option allows any device to optimize multi-cameras, 2X screen sizes, 5G connectivity, and more AI features.

This new memory technology is ready for mass production which means the next premium smartphones from Samsung and other OEMs will be faster than ever. It is the first in the market to have 12GB of low-power double data rate 4X package. It is powerful than most notebooks today so imagine how fast and smooth performance will be.

Samsung 12GB LPDDR4X

Once the LPDDR4X is ready, we can expect some of the most popular OEMs to announce their 12GB RAM phones.

SOURCE: Samsung