Anytime I need to buy 16 quarts of strawberries or a years worth of socks in one go I head over to the local Sam’s Club. You can actually save a good bit of money shopping for groceries there compared to other stores and saved money means more money to spend on cars and gadgets, so that is a good thing in my book. Sam’s Club has unveiled a new smartphone app that is for Android devices.

The app is called the Sam’s Club App and is on the Android Market right now. The app gives you access to info like product information, member reviews, and eValues. Those eValues are special deals that that you can load directly to your membership card to use at checkout.

The app will also give you information and alerts on things like when you need to renew your membership, special events at the store and company announcements. The app will also help you to find a club nearby when you are traveling and the best feature is a map of each club that shows you exactly where to go to get your 62-pound bag of beef jerky.