The image you see above appears to have been taken by Mister Blurrycam with the most blurry cam available. According to the person who offered that image up, it’s a shot of the Samsung Galaxy S III. We’ve heard a lot about that phone and have seen a few images of the device thus far. Granted this could be a hoax.

From the image, the phone doesn’t look that different from other smartphones on the market. The image is claimed to be the final design of the new smartphone. It’s worth noting that other supposed images of the smartphone have leaked that are questionable as well. The thing that bothers me about this image is in the lower left-hand corner of the smartphone extending onto the carpet immediately to the left.

Above the menu buttons on the smartphone, you can see a reflection that is presumably the hand of the person holding a smartphone that took the leaked photo. However, on the carpet immediately to the left of the edge of the smartphone you can see little pink blurs that are a continuation of that reflection on the carpet, which is not reflective. What do you think, is this pic nothing but a Photoshop or the real deal?

[via Knowyourmobile]