So, have you been trying out S-Voice, the brand-spanking new (and totally original, we swear) voice app snatched from the Galaxy S III? If you haven’t yet, then you needn’t bother: Samsung has begun blocking server access for all phones that aren’t the Galaxy S III – and since the phone doesn’t officially release for another week, that’s all of them. So far Samsung has made it clear that the feature is an exclusive to their new flagship.

Oh well, it’s not like you’re missing much – the app only worked on Ice Cream Sandwich devices anyway, and it seemed like all it wanted to do was give you the weather. At present Google Voice Actions is a lot more useful, especially if you know your way around its commands. If S-Voice is Samsung’s way of differentiating itself from Apple, they’ve got a lot of work left to do.

Naturally, this isn’t dissuading some users. A few modders are trying the old build.prop adjustment to fool Samsung’s servers into thinking they have a Galaxy S III, with at least some success. Of course, that could cause problems with the Google Play Store and other apps that require device authentication. Seriously, folks, just do without S-Voice – Siri is a toy at best, and this is just the knockoff.

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