Arriving with mention of being from Russia with love, has announced a handful of services for the US market. The mix here touches on email, chat and gaming along with a promise of an image editor coming soon. has launched in the US as and the services include myMail, myChat, myGames and as for the coming soon item, myCamera.

These are all free services and they are available from the Google Play Store as different apps. This trio of services is arriving with the promise of being able to “make it easier and more exciting to manage email, communicate with friends and family and discover captivating new games.” Beginning first with myMail, this is an email client that will support multiple email accounts and has smart push notifications.

The myMail app supports IMAP and POP3, which includes everything from Gmail to Yahoo as well as Outlook, AOL and others. Those smart notifications will allow the user to turn them on, or off depending on time. Basically, you can choose when to receive notifications. Some of the other features include avatars and icons, search, data compression to save bandwidth and encryption.

The myChat app has support for text, image and video. There are also stickers and smileys included. Shifting over to myGames and we find more of a collection than an app. This collection currently includes titles such as Jungle Heat, Poker Arena, Lucky Fields and Evolution.

This is described as being a growing collection of fun, free mobile games, already available in the US market. That all being said, while the apps are all free to use, the myMail and myChat are free because will be using them to promote titles from that growing collection of games.

VIA: The Next Web