Music has been proven again and again to be an integral part of a person’s workout or fitness routine. It can help motivate and inspire you, or keep you company during your long, sometimes boring runs. A lot of fitness tech brands know this well and have come up with various products to incorporate music into your workout. Runtastic, one of the more popular fitness-focused apps has now introduced a partnership with Google Play Music, wherein you can access specially curated fitness playlists that should push you to reach your goals.

When you now open your Runtastic Running & Fitness app, you’ll be able to see various playlists that can inspire you as you do your workout, whether you’re running outside or doing your gym fitness routines. You don’t need to open your Google Play Music app since you’ll be able to find all the music on the Runtastic app itself, so you just need one place to both track your activities and play your music.

Just go to the music section of the app and there you’ll be able to see all the relevant playlists, like Today’s Running Hits which features songs over 130 beats per minute or the Sweaty EDM workout featuring dance tunes that will make you want to sweat more or High-Energy Hard Rock if you’re more of a rocker than a hiphop kind of person. You can also create your own playlists if you’re a Google Play Music subscriber.

If you’re not yet a subscriber but already a Runtastic user, Google is offering you a free trial so you can explore creating your own playlists from their catalog of more than 40 million songs. The Runtastic app with the Google Play Music integration is available in more than 60 countries where the latter is available.


SOURCE: Google