Runtastic has returned with another set of app updates. This latest touches on the free and pro (paid) versions of the regular Runtastic app and is arriving as something called Story Running. We are seeing this touted as being both just for you and as a new way to run. More to the point, Story Running appears to be along the lines of audiobook listening.

Think of running to a story, or sort of guided tour. A visit to the Runtastic website breaks down four of the available listening options. These include stories ranging from adventure and motivation to fantasy and travel. Looking at the adventure as an example and we find one called “The Carrier of Truth, Beyond the Walls of Alcatraz.” This one is a 38-minute story and is arriving with the following in terms of a summary.

“A key, a moment of carelessness, a glimmer of hope. Maybe his only hope. Was it coincidence or destiny? His steps are echoing in the tunnel, suddenly, the noise of dogs barking. Are they at his heels already?”

Anyway, that being said, this new Story Running option can be found in the Runtastic apps as of today. As mentioned, both the free and pro versions have been updated and both can be found in the Play Store. Story Running also has full integration with the Workout mode. Additionally, Pebble and Google+ Sign-In support has also been to the pro version of the app.


Aside from the mobile apps, the folks at Runtastic also have some news on a scale. Specifically, the Libra Scale. This is available for purchase (through Amazon) beginning today and will allow the user to measure eight different items. These include weight and body fat as well as goals, muscle mass, Body Mass Index, body water content, calorie calculation and bone mass.

Along with being able to track eight items, each scale can also track data for eight users. The one catch with the scale, for now the device sync is limited to those with an iPhone. Otherwise, the news of Story Running and the Libra Scale come with word of Runtastic cresting the 50 million download milestone.

SOURCE: Runtastic, PR Newswire