With the advent of wearable gadgets, lifestyle trackers have become the new fitness craze among the health-conscious and the digitally-savvy. It may be hard to stand out of the competition with so many to choose from, but Runtastic Orbit makes a pretty good case for itself with its 24-hour tracking device and fitness monitor that may just integrate itself into your lifestyle.

Aside from the usual tracking of the steps, calories burned and distance, Runtastic Orbit’s three sensors can also look at other aspects of your daily activities like sleep tracking and even mood tracking. The information is shown on the device’s OLED display, which also shows you what time it is. You also need to sync it using Orbit Connect with your smartphone and the Runtastic web service so you can maximise all its features. The Runtastic Me app, which just received an update to run with this gadget, displays the information sent to it through low-power Bluetooth and it can also send back updates on your Orbit so it will stand as a second screen for the app. You can also view the information on the website so as to track your progress for your fitness goals.

Wearing the Orbit 24/7 may seem like it will easily drain the battery, but the fitness band boasts of a 7-day battery life so no fear that you’ll have to spend part of the day attached to the charger. And if you’re also style-conscious and aren’t crazy about the idea of just wearing basic black and blue bands, it also comes in camo green, gray, magenta, orange, white and yellow. If you don’t feel like wearing it as a band, you can take out the tracker and put it on a clip and stick it wherever you want.


Runtastic Orbit is available for purchase through its online shop for $119.99 and will ship out starting August 11. It will also soon be at retail stores, although there are no details yet as to where and when it will officially come out.

VIA: SlashGear