If you’re a fitness aficionado who relies on digital technology to fuel your drive and to monitor your activities, chances are you’ve used one of Runtastic’s many apps and features at one time or another. Depending on how you feel about Adidas, this next piece of news may be good or bad for you. The founders announced that they have joined the Adidas group and will now be part of this sports empire, but as a separate entity.

Both Runtastic and Adidas are still a little vague as to what this partnership will entail. It’s understandable since it seems like it’s just on the early stage. CEO and Co-founder Florian Gschwandtner took time to express his happiness and gratitude on the Runtastic blog, not just to his other three co-founders and the company’s employees (including each intern, friend, and family member) but of course the community members and users who have made their consumer products a success, and catching the eye of Adidas.

Now as to what it will mean for the current users, Florian assured that not much will change but that they now have the opportunity to grow the business even more, with the backing of a huge company like Adidas. They will still be a separate entity and will operate from their offices in Austria and San Francisco.

He also promised that they will still be delivering that “bigly-anticipated new app” by the end of 2015. While Adidas has flirted with technology for some of their products, having Runtastic on board their team may give it even more capabilities to reach that market that is highly reliant on apps, wearables, and anything digital to enhance their fitness and sports routines.

SOURCE: Runtastic