It’s not only the men who are interested in health and fitness. More and more women have realized the need to get fit and healthy so more apps are being improved to cater to them. For one, Runtastic is getting updated with improvements and new features putting more focus on the ladies. Digital health and fitness can be recorded and with the help of the Results app, anyone can view new content, exercises, and avail of a personalized training plan.

The update brings more 3D HD workout and exercise videos plus a 12-week training plan. Runtastic teamed up with adidas athletes and ambassadors to deliver educational content for the women. You can customize each training plan according to your goals and current fitness level.

Runtastic’s CEO and co-founder Florian Gschwandtner said, “We want to help any woman—young moms, business women, fitness fans, you name it—succeed with Runtastic. With the new Results, we’re giving women an even more customized experience, which is bound to lead to fitness success and boosted self confidence.”

The Results app is now available in fourteen languages such English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Italian, and Japanese.

Download Runtastic Results Workouts from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Runtastic