We’ve all been there. You’re totally engrossed in this movie, when suddenly, the call of nature cannot be ignored. But the moment you stepped into the restroom, apparently something important happens in the theatre and you missed a crucial part when you go back to your seat. The RunPee app will make sure that this will never happen to you again.

The app’s name is pretty literal and self-explanatory: it tells you when it’s safe to run and pee. It contains all the latest movie listings and each movie is analyzed to tell you which is the best part to take a bathroom break so that you will not miss anything important. They choose sequences that are 3-5 minutes long but don’t have any plot twists or crucial reveals. But if you really can’t hold it in anymore, the app will also update you as to what you actually missed.

Don’t worry, the people around you in the movie theater will not be disturbed by any loud alerts as the Runpee Timer alerts you about an upcoming “Peetime” only through a vibrating alarm. An added feature for users that doesn’t involve any sort of bathroom activity is that the app will also tell you if there are mid-credits or after-credits bonus material. This is good information to have as more and more movies start adding surprise sequences after the movie has already ended.


On the app’s official website, some celebrities have apparently recommended this app. Hugh Jackman even says that he has looked up his own movies to check when the recommended Peetimes are. It could be a mixed bag for a director to check out the Peetimes of their own movies: it could be a learning tool for them as to what parts people find boring or it could also be an insult since no one wants to hear that one or several scenes are worth going to the bathroom for.

Download RunPee on the Google Play Store



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