Let me tell you about an game for Android we were told about today, and I assure you you’ll have no trouble playing it all weekend long. RuniK comes from a long line of bubble-breaker games in which the user is asked to touch, tap, or click the pieces once they’re in matched rows and columns in order to make them disappear. This is sort of an inverse Tetris, as generally bubble breaker games come with a full screen of items, your task being to make them go away before your time is up or they’ve advanced low enough that your barrier is broken. RuniK has no time limit, and the strategy is thusly much more complicated.

Your game in RuniK begins with a fully blocked-up screen of runes, or marked stones, each of them a certain color and marking. Your task is to find the matching runes and touch-then-flick them out of existence. The challenge lies in planning, as each time you make a row/column disappear, the runes above those rows fall down. In order to win the game, you’ve got to have your last move be destroying a set of two or more runes. Each time you get down to the bottom with no moves left while several runes remain, they turn gray and more bricks fall from the sky.

Then there’s the graphics, the music (which is heavy and epic,) the simplicity of the user interface, and of course, the price — free! Head on over to the Android Marketplace right this instant and have yourself a barrel of fun for hours and hours: [stonar.games.runik] — thanks for the tip Joe!

ALSO by the way, it seems as though in the past there’s been some bugs in this app that’ve caused it to freeze or close unexpectedly. The 2.1 update that was just completed today is said to have fixed these bugs.