The HTC EVO isn’t out yet and there’s already a few custom ROM’s for it. This time around, Froyo has been customized to run on the EVO. So if you have one now or are picking on up, you can have Android 2.2 loaded a running on your handset.

Like all custom ROM’s you have to be rooted to load this on your EVO. A few things still need to be worked on but this is more of a proof of concept build. It is good enough to use for an awhile if 4G, tethering, MMS and the camera aren’t important to you. The good news is JIT is alive and well in this build. This is not an official release and anything that may occur from you flashing that ROM is your own responsibility. Head over to the XDA if you’re ready to enjoy a taste of Froyo on EVO now.


[via geekforme]