We haven’t even see the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 yet, and already rumors are flying around about next year’s flagships, which will probably be the Galaxy S8 and S8 edge. Sources are saying that the devices will have the most high density (HD) of all smartphone displays ever made (well, so far) and so it will be the slickest display that we will be able to see. If this is true, then it will probably be the first real 4K display that will be seen on a mobile device.

The Galaxy S8 will supposedly have a 4K display at 3840 x 2160 and should make it the first “real” 4K display. That’s because the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, which supposedly has a 4K display, was only able to display that resolution for photos and some videos. Samsung seems capable of doing a 4K display as earlier this year during the Display Week in San Francisco, they showed off a 5.5-inch 4K display that is also designed for virtual reality.


Speaking of VR, a new Gear VR headset is also expected to be announced together with the Galaxy Note 7 during the latter’s unveiling on August 2. It will reportedly have USB-C connectivity, which is also what the phablet will utilize, as well as the rumored Galaxy S8. This may mean that Samsung is really making the shift to the USB-C, as this has been touted as the next generation in hardware connectivity.

But before we move on to all the speculating for next year’s Samsung flagships, we first have to see how true the rumors and leaks for the Galaxy Note 7 and new Gear VR are. We only have to wait a few more days to find out.

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  1. The S8 will obviously HAVE to have 4K, to make Samsung the pioneer and leader in 2nd-generation mobile VR. The Gear VR this year is good, but the pixellation when you see it up close (even with 2K AMOLED) is clearly not good enough for mainstream markets.

    With 4K displays, power consumption becomes a big issue, so Samsung may even have 2 modes – a full 4K mode for VR, and then a 1080 (regular Full HD) mode for general web surfing and other uses, where 4 pixels are treated as a single pixel. 1080p is perfectly acceptable for general usage, and saves a lot of power.

    So, that’s my prediction – 4K screen, switchable to 1080 to save power.


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