It was a wise man (or jedi) who once said, ” Do or do not. There is no try.” No, we’re not talking about a new Star Wars game, but rather, a game that from the name itself already tells you that they do not agree with this philosophy. Retry is in the vein of games that will highly frustrate you (think Flappy Birds) but will hook you into trying to win again and again and again (hence, the name).

Retry is from the guys who brought you (or, as they say, the guys sitting in the next room) that most addictive of mobile games, Angry Birds. But they went old school on this one, using retro 8-bit imagery and a classic jalopy plane. Their game page states the basic outline of the game which is to “Fly. Crash. Repeat.” Hooked yet? If you are the type who goes for the not easy games, then you will be. The plane basically flies through obstacles, earn stars to be able to unlock new worlds and get coins in keeping with the 80s theme.

Being the pilot of a jalopy plane, even if virtually, is always a challenge (we’re just guessing, since we haven’t really flown an actual plane). But unlike real life, here you can spin around, do “white-knucle stunts”, fly through hills of Summer, and even go through time-bending passages (we assume the 90s are going into play sometime soon) of the future. And all this game will try to do is stop you from doing so.

So if you feel like crashing your plane several times and retrying again and again, then download Retry from the Google Play Store. It’s free but there are several in-app purchases, so don’t forget to put in the usual precautions to prevent you from spending too much.