Stella Angry Birds Rovio

Just when you thought Rovio is running out of ideas for the Angry Birds franchise, the developer releases a new game. This time, a female bird named Stella is the star. The game was first announced back in February and was teased last month.

The adventure happens in Golden Island. It’s a previously unknown corner of the Angry Birds universe. Little Stella was chilling out in her treehouse poring over her previous scrapbook. Suddenly, the Minion Pigs visit and steal her scrapbook. We don’t know the intention but Stella is furious and that she’s willing to fight to get her stuff back.

The Angry Birds Stella game shows a different slingshot action. New characters with amazing superpowers are part of this adventure. Stella’s nemesis here is Gale and her piggy minions. What could be Gale’s motive to get the scrapbook? Play the game and unlock all 120 levels to find out.

This is basically is the same Angry Birds slingshot game but the new story and characters make it an exciting game to play. The updated slingshot actions make the game a new challenge, a bit  different from the original Angry Birds and its many variations. You’ll meet the Fierce Flock of six new birds with different personalities and superpowers. As you play the game, you will also get to make your own scrapbook by collecting photos and outfits to use. With Stella, get some Telepods to teleport into the game as playable characters.

The game seems fun and interesting to fans of Angry Birds. The only question now is: will this equally be addicting? Let’s see how many downloads Stella can get in a few weeks.

The new Angry Birds Stella is now available for download on Google Play. BlackBerry, Amazon, Nook, and iOS versions are also ready for download.

Watch the gameplay trailer below: