Those folks at Rovio Mobile have released a new teaser trailer that many are expecting to be a completely brand new game that is a spinoff of their popular Angry Birds. It’s called Bad Piggies and this time around the birds are the ones under attack from flying pigs. Time for some bacon revenge. Who’s ready for more Angry Birds and Bad Piggies?

Those Angry Birds don’t appear to be disappearing any time soon. With many popular games on their heels like Temple Run the developers have been hard at work on their next hit. So far we aren’t sure if Bad Piggies will be another version of Angry Birds like Rio, or a completely new game with different controls and gameplay. Here’s the teaser:

They simply posted that video and have been saying “Something PIG is coming” leading us all to believe their next big thing is coming soon. So far Rovio has only released a few teaser trailers like the one we see above and haven’t revealed anything of importance.

All we know at this point is that those pigs and birds are here to stay. The video doesn’t reveal any sort of gameplay, release date, or anything else for that matter. Hopefully whatever they unveil will be announced soon and available on both Android and iOS at the same time. Who’s excited for their next game, or do you just wish this Angry Birds thing would end already?

[via BadPiggies]