It’s that time of year again for scary, spooky, and sometimes downright hilarious antics and gimmicks. And who better to bring about such foul mayhem than Angry Birds creator Rovio, whose horde of living dead swine will be creeping out from their graves into your mobile games.

Tusk ’til Dawn is a new update to the Bad Piggies that rolled out last October 17. The title adds 30 new levels to the game featuring a bunch of Zombie Pigs in search of the King Pig’s stash of candy. The levels also feature Rovio’s official Halloween 2013 single, Shuffle & Spawn, which can also be purchased from Amazon. Here’s a short trailer of Tusk ’til Dawn’s deadly and death-defying new maps.

But the undead pigs aren’t content to stay in their own world. Zombie Pigs will also be out for revenge in Angry Birds Friends starting October 23. But fear not for the brave avians as new custom slingshots with special powers will be available, for a price, of course. Slingshots can be changed per bird and will become available permanently once purchased. Here’s a peek at the Angry Birds Friends tournament, Halloween style.

Outside of its games, Rovio will also be extending its claws into Angry Birds Toons with a strip called Night of the Living Pork, a comics tie-in to Tusk ’til Dawn featuring King Pig and his attempts to protect his candy from the zombies. Item collectors will also be getting a treat as Rovio makes available a vinyl edition of Shuffle & Spawn from its Angry Birds shop.

SOURCE: Rovio, Play Store