The Rootless Pixel Launcher 3.2 was released only last February. That one included a new icon pack implementation. Such custom launcher may remind you of the Google Pixel Launcher but with some limitations. Similar to the other launchers like Ruthless, Lean Launcher, and Lawnchair, there is the Rootless Pixel Launcher by dev Amir Zaidi. We’ve featured this app several times already but we find it interesting because it combines the Pixel Launcher and is actually based on Launcher3 which is open source.

At this point, we can consider the Rootless Pixel Launcher as a stable software base. No wonder other launchers are using it as a base. It’s not perfect but the next update, Rootless Pixel Launcher 3.8 , is said to deliver several fixes so it can become part of the Play Store soon. Well, the app is already on the Android app store but it’s not fully ready yet.

The version you see on the Google Play Store adds a Pixel Bridge. This enables the launcher to reach the Play Store. It is usually compatible with other launches as per the developer.

The launcher should work without any problem even when Google changes an API because the Rootless Pixel Bridge forwards information as needed. This version is based on Android Oreo but we’re crossing our fingers the next one will already be based on Android 9.1.

There’s not much change in the launcher features but the Rootless Pixel Bridge brings some adjustments including the Google Now Feed on the left plus events, weather, and traffic information at a glance.

To review the features of the Rootless Pixel Launcher, there’s now the icon shape selection on Android 8.0, Adaptive Icon Packs, regular icon packs, wallpaper based theme selection, and search bar at the bottom.

Download Rootless Launcher from the Google Play Store