AmirZ has done it again. After porting the rootless Pixel Launcher and updating it to Android Oreo, here comes the Rootless Pixel Launcher 3.0 which is based on the AOSP 8.1 Launcher and the latest Pixel 2 Launcher by Google. It simply is an updated version but according to the developer, this one has been enhanced according to some requests by real users. The dev took to reddit the great news and shared his work so many Android users can take advantage.

As with the previous versions, feel free to just install and use—at your own risk. Note that some features differ in different Android versions. In Lollipop, you will see the Google Now feed on the left of the home screen. Theme changes depending on the wallpaper you use. A Smartspace widget is also available containing the date, events, and weather. Search bar is at the bottom now. Voice Search and Google Wallpapers are hidden now from the app drawer.

In Marshmallow, you will see the notification dots set in the color of an app’s icon. View and interact with the notification in the long press popup. In Nougat, you will notice a new light theme is applied when the wallpaper is also light. In Oreo, settings for adding icons and changing the icon shape for adaptive icons are available.

Read more about the Rootless Pixel Launcher 3.0 here

VIA: Reddit