Barclays is a major bank in the UK and the bank has made a decision that has angered many fans of Android devices. Barclays is blocking any rooted Android smartphone from running its two banking applications on the device if the device is rooted. A petition has been put up that activists want Barclays customers to sign in protest of the move.

The anger from Barclays customers is that the bank has two apps that are commonly used with one called Pingit, a mobile funds transfer service. Pingit and the Barclays Mobile Banking app can’t be run at the same time for users of rooted devices.

There are a number of reasons that people root their Android devices, many of them are legitimate. It appears that Barclays thinks rooting your device is tied to nefarious activities and makes the device less secure. Many Android fans know that rooting your device can actually make it more secure if you use the right apps.

As of now, Barclays is still blocking access to both apps on a rooted phone. Barclays have made no official comments at this time and it remains unclear what exactly the bank fears in letting rooted users run both apps.

SOURCE: Gomonews