Considering the rooting community within Android is pretty strong, the ambition to root, and subsequently add third-party applications to the platform, is probably already pretty strong. But, once someone consciously puts out a bounty for the same thing to happen, we can’t help but imagine that it’s going to become pretty heated. And, for $1,000, anything is possible.

There are a few stipulations to the deal, though. First and foremost, you must successfully root, and add third-party application support before Google unveils third-party application support for the platform. And, as expected, for the platform to be considered rooted, it must be possible for the end-user to install third-party applications. You’ll need to include a YouTube video to show off the root and installation of the applications, and if you succeed, you’ll be given the payment through PayPal.

Head through the source link below for the other rules.

[via MagicAndroidApps; thanks, Mr. Android!]