Over at the Google I/O 2017 Conference, the ROLI BLOCKS are shown off because it is finally getting Android support. The company behind it decided to bring it to Android after being only available for the iPhone. It’s a set of accessories that work as portable modular music-makers. The Roli Blocks feature a rubbery top that can be used as a gesture- and pressure-controller. It was originally designed as an iPhone accessory but the team behind it decided to make it available to the Android community.

The touch-sensitive BLOCKS now have Android support. This means you can download the matching app so you can start creating sounds and different drum beats. The small BLOCKS work together but don’t really produce the actual sounds.

More good news, the team behind this has developed the synth app NOISE for Android. There is still no formal announcement but it could be under beta mode for now. The app still needs to be tested for possible issues as app is still listed as unreleased. At present, only the Galaxy S8 is listed as a supported device but we’re assuming more Android phones will also receive the same.

At Google’s pre-I/O keynote, it is interesting to note that DJs were using these BLOCKS with a Pixel phone plus Seaboard RISE 49 and a rubber-keyed keyboard. In case you’re wondering what engine the ROLI uses, the app takes advantage of JUCE which is the same one used on the Akai, Max MSP, and Korg software.

Download NOISE from the Google Play Store

VIA: SlashGear