If you have a Roku set-top box at home for your multi-media needs, then you definitely need to have the mobile app in order to still have control over your content and device. A new update to the app brings more goodies to the table with the brand new Roku Feed and voice search features now available for your smartphone and tablet. You still won’t be able to watch videos and shows of course, but you can still research and keep updated with the content that you want to watch when you get home.

With the number of new movies and TV shows coming out regularly, it’s getting harder sometimes to keep track of all of them, like when it will come out on video on demand or when the next episode will be. With Roku Feed, you can choose which media you’d like to follow, and it will send you updates about that movie or TV show that you’ve added to your feed. It will let you know if it’s finally available in one of the Roku channels like Amazon Instant Video or VUDU. It will also tell you if something is on sale or the price has already decreased.



The voice search meanwhile is pretty self-explanatory. You get to look for movies or shows simply by tapping the voice search icon and then saying the title out loud. You don’t need to say “Search Orphan Black”, just go directly to saying “Orphan Black”. However, it isn’t totally hands free as you still have to make your wy to the menu, press search, then press voice before you can start looking for the video.



The update should be rolling out to your Android devices over the next few days. You need to log in to your Roku account before you can start adding movies or shows to your Roku Feed.