The woes of Roku users may soon become worse if reports are to be believed. After they failed to reach an agreement with Google, Roku will soon lose the YouTube app after the YouTube TV app was previously removed as well. A report is now saying that negotiations between Roku and Amazon are also at a standstill and so users may also lose their Amazon Prime Video and IMDB TV apps soon. This may also have an effect not just on the streaming side but even on the hardware too.

The Information published a report saying that Roku and Amazon have not yet reached an agreement to renew the contract for both Prime Video and IMDB TV. The two services are bundled in new contracts for platforms so it will be both and not just one or the other. The conflict stems from something that is similar to their issues with Google. Amazon is reportedly pushing to have access to detailed viewing data about what subscribers watch across all apps.

Roku is refusing to budge on this issue as if they get hold of this data, they may be able to match it with data they have on their own site. They have refused to grant a “special deal” that would give Google access to data that other streaming companies don’t have so this might also be the same data that Amazon is asking for. Losing several popular apps will obviously be a big blow to Roku and its users as Prime Video is reportedly one of the most popular apps on the platform.

But failing to reach a deal with Amazon may also have an effect on Roku’s hardware sales on the former’s online marketplace. When Amazon and Google were still feuding, Android TV devices were not allowed on the e-commerce site since it doesn’t have the Prime Video app on the smart TV platform. Losing streaming services is bad enough but the possibility that you can’t sell your hardware on the largest marketplace may be even worse.

Hopefully, Roku will be able to resolve things with Amazon without sacrificing their stand to protect user data. There are other devices and platforms that are pushing their wares this holiday season so Roku needs to be able to give their users something to smile about.


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