If you’re not familiar with ROKiT smartphones, you will be now as a host of models have just been made available online. The lineup of ROKiT phones varies from standard feature phones to smartphones and the more interesting pair–glasses-free 3D phones. There are different kinds of smartphones today. Well, it can be challenging to know the differences and categorize them but right now, we’re just curious about the 3D phone. If you were at the CES 2019, you’ll remember some of the phones were shown off there.

The ROKiT phones include two feature phones that run on custom OS. They’re plain mobile phones while the other three run on Android OS. ROKiT teamed up with Facebook to have the phones run Facebook and WhatsApp at launch. Not that it’s difficult to download and install the two but it’s all about marketing.

ROKiT phones include ROK Life Services. It sounds like a special kind of lifestyle and entertainment-related subscription but believe it or not, it’s actually free access to 24/7 telemedicine and discounted pharmaceuticals and services. Other services include family legal services, accidental death, burial and cremation, and identity theft insurance. Some depressing words but ROKiT is for real.

The listed services are offered with low monthly costs. If you’re looking for providers of such services, then maybe you should consider ROKiT. No, we’re not kidding.

ROKiT as a brand appears to be different. It makes us scratching our heads at this point but we believe there is a principle behind it. A company that offers legal services should be taken seriously, right?

Just check out HERE what ROKiT has in store for you.



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