Tablets and other devices running Android are starting to hit the market using a new quad-core processor from Rockchip. The processor is the RK3188 ARM Cortex-A9. Devices using this particular processor are starting to trickle onto the market now and early adopters of devices running the processor have figured out how to root the device already.

Instructions for rooting the device have now turned up online and the process is reportedly very similar to the steps you take to root devices running Android 4.1 using the Rockchip RK3066 dual-core processor. The processor has two more cores than the older RK3066, but it uses a similar hardware architecture and similar software. That means users can use the same security vulnerabilities to root the new quad-core chip.

The entire rooting process has 12 steps. You need some software to perform the root, as you always do for this sort of task. The software includes RKtools unloaded 1.6 and Moborobo. The instructions also say to download and install SuperSU.

If you unlock a device using the new RK3188 processor, be sure and let us know if these steps work for you. Be warned, the instructions are in Spanish and Google Translate is notoriously sketchy.

[via Liliputing]