Burglar Bob won’t stop his mischief. He’s been without any luck but nothing is going to stop him from sneaking around and evading traps just to loot as much. He’s  the true king of thieves and he’s better than ever. This is the second title of the game and as expected, Bob is badder yet better in that thing he’s most passionate about: burglary.

Make sure you don’t get caught by those security guards. Sneak around them and carefully go past those patrolling pensioners. You’re Bob, the king of thieves, so I’m sure you can avoid all the double trouble, and after all, you are the man of steal. We’re not hoping you’d start living a good life. Sorry, but you’re destined to be in all sorts of trouble. This time though, you can do good by stopping the devious plans of Dr. Thievious. Discover if aliens are real and then plan a wedding for a mobster’s daughter.

‘Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble’ features 60 new levels. You can loot all the items you want while sneaking around the Seagull Bay, Shamville, and Playa Mafioso. You’re an expert thief so go play hide and seek, tip-toe around, make noise to distract guards, or hug walls to conceal yourself. You might get caught from where you are hiding but you can always escape.

Bob knows new tricks now. He can use a lot of new gadgets, teleportation mines, and RC cars. Do everything in your power to get out of trouble. You can do that in style by choosing from the different outfits from Cassie’s Costume Rental.

Download Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble from the Google Play Store