While we all know we shouldn’t be on our phones while driving, a significant number of the population can’t help but try and access their device for some important (and not so important) information. Over the years we’ve seen car consoles, digital platforms for cars, and other devices and apps you can use to be able to still use your phone while being safe. Anker is bringing us a new, affordable device called the Roav Bolt that should let your Google Assistant do your hands-free work for you.

The Roav Bolt can be connected to your car’s charging socket so even if the vehicle doesn’t have an in-car infotainment system, you’ll still be able to connect to your smartphone hands-free. It will connect to your phone’s Bluetooth and then to your car’s stereo as well. The device has some far-field built-in microphones so it will be able to pick up your voice even if you’re playing music or even when it’s locked.

There are two ways you can trigger the Google Assistant. You can either say “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” or tap the button on the Roav Bolt and then you can ask a question or give a command that hopefully, your digital assistant will be able to give you. You can ask it to help you navigate to where you’re going, share your ETA with a contact, find nearby stores or places that you need to go to, etc.

You can also ask it to play your favorite songs, audiobooks, podcasts, or radio stations through various voice commands. You can also ask for it to read you the latest news by saying, “What’s on the news?” Through the Roav Bolt, you will also be able to make calls, send messages, and have your notifications read out loud, all without lifting a finger or taking your eyes off the road.

You can also do a lot of other productivity tasks like save reminders, add to your grocery list, have your schedule read out loud to you. The Roav Bolt is now available online and in major retailers and it will only cost you $49.99.