Wearable technology is still very much a baby in terms of what can be dreamed of and what can actually be done. A new product that is trying to get into the market is trying to get people excited about the fact that you can now project the time and your notifications onto your skin. Yes, if things go well, Ritot will become the first projection watch in the market.

Using the pico projector technology, the watch will project a dial that has high quality graphics onto your arm or your hand, wherever the wrist band can reach. It will not just project time, but when you connect it to your smartwatch, it will also show your notifications and allows you to read them on your skin. Things like SMS, emails, Facebook and Twitter posts and messages, reminders and calendar alerts, weather alerts and others can be projected. You only have to set which notifications you want through a Ritot App for your smartphone.

There are no other complicated buttons on the Ritot. It only has one that you touch to bring out the projection. Or if you’re too lazy to even touch a button, you can just do it with a shake of your wrist. And if you like a little color in your life, you have 20 different ones to choose from. The light also adjusts to whether it’s day or night, and the projection can be configured wherever direction you want it to point to, whether you’re using your left or right hand. The projection disappears after 10 seconds when you activated it, so it’s not such a battery drain. Its energy saving technology allows the watch to last for 1 month in stand-by mode and 150 hours in projection mode. The makers also assure us that the projection technology they use is safe for users’ skin and health.

Ritot is still in the crowd founding stage through IndieGoGo, although they have already met their target of $50,000 and as of today, they have raised $156,239. They are targeting shipping to contributors by January-February 2015. The package includes a Ritot watch (depending how much you pledged), the Ritot base where you can wirelessly charge the watch and configure the time.