One of the most popular game apps on the iOS platform is called Ridiculous Fishing. The game has been very successful on the iPhone and the developer behind the game, Vlambeer, has admitted that it is considering the logistics of porting the game over to the Android platform. However, the developers are offering no specific timeframe or guarantee that the port will happen.

Game creator Rami Ismail said that “We’re still arguing about an Android release.” The developer says that he and his company have a lot to consider because they’ve never developed a game for the Android platform. The game costs three dollars for the iPhone.

That is rather expensive for a game, but the game has no micro transactions. That means three dollars gets you everything again offers. Ismail said, “Developers should be scared to charge three dollars for a game.” He also noted that $.99 per copy you need sell endless amounts to survive as an independent developer.

According to Ismail, very few games are able to come close to selling enough copies at $.99 to survive. Another cool game for the Android platform would certainly be welcome. Hopefully the developers will figure out how to port the game to Android soon.

[via Joystiq]