You may say this is unnecessary since the point of having a smart speaker is to go wireless and “smarter” but one geek managed to turn a table into a digital jukebox that responds to RFID. Just tap a card that represents an album and the speakers around the house will start playing music. A certain hoveeman came up with this RFID Jukebox with Google Home. The video below shows how Google will respond to a tap beside the table.

Placed on top of a wooden console tablet are RFID cards that each represent some of his favorite music albums. If you want to play a music, get a card, and tap on the side. The RFID reader then sends the command to a Raspberry Pi computer which then tells the Google Home device what to do.

The project looks promising but some people will think it’s a waste of time. It’s not impossible to do on your own but we’re curious how many of you will go through the hassle. It’s easier to “talk” to the Google Assistant instead but then again, we also get it is one cool novelty idea.

Watch the RFID Jukebox with Google Home:

It seems easy to do. Make sure you know how to set up the RFID cards. Get an RFID reader plus the Raspberry Pi computer. Make a list of all your favorite songs or albums so you won’t have to spend a lot of time thinking.

VIA: Android Police