Fiddling with wires when it comes to charging your device can get very annoying. There are plenty of wireless charging systems on the market today and a new one has turned up on Kickstarter called Revocharge. The Revocharge system has multiple mounts to allow for wireless charging in different settings.

The mounts include a desk mount, car mount, belt clip, and arm band that all work with magnetic batteries. Each of the magnetic batteries have a microUSB input on the back that allows the charging of the battery and the phone at the same time. Revocharge supports Qualcomm 2.0 quick charge technology.

The Revocharge case is thin at 13.4mm thick and made from polycarbonate that is durable and lightweight. Since the batteries magnetically attach to the case, you can have as many as you need to extend your talk time indefinitely. Each magnetic battery has 2000-3000 mAh of power inside providing up to 150% more power.

The desktop dock can charge and sync your phone or other device at the same time. The Revocharge system is on Kickstarter now seeking $15,000 and it has raised over $7,700 so far. A pledge of $39 will get you a wireless charge base, magnetic battery, and charge/sync cable. For $69, you can get the charge base, battery, car mount, cable, and car charger. If the project hits the stretch goals, cases for the Galaxy Note 3 and 4 along with the Galaxy S5/S6 will be produced.

SOURCE: Kickstarter