Sometimes, you just need a little magnetism to succeed in life. Or in this case, you need a whole lot of magnets to save the world. The original game has gotten critical praise and awards from other platforms, and now finally, it has made its way to Android, revamped and ready to win over more fans with its magnetic appeal. Are you ready to meet Major Magnet and help him save mankind?

On the surface, Major Magnet: Arcade looks like a pinball machine gone mad, with its bright and colorful lights and crazy graphics. Even the characters are insane and weird, with Manic Marvin as the titular hero whose mission it is to save the world from megalomaniac Colonel Lastin, with the help of his loyal sidekick Gus the Guinea Pig and a host of other creatures. To be able to toss, swing, and shoot the Major, you need to tap and grab the magnets and get enough momentum to get him from one place to the other.

There are 76 stages across 3 unique worlds in Major Magnet’s physics-based gameplay. You’ll get hand-animated graphics, classic arcade soundtrack, and a story-adventure to propel you from one stage to another. You can connect the game to your Facebook account to share items and high scores with friends (that is, if you can risk the irritation of friends who don’t like receiving item requests).

Major Magnet: Arcade is available to download for free from the Google Play Store. Of course there are in-app purchases for a game like this, so make sure your permissions are set to the one you prefer.