The previous years ever since the iPhone was introduced to the market, you can’t find a more rabid fanbase than the so-called Apple fanboys who would buy the newest iteration of their smartphone, even if some would say there were very slight differences. But a new market research study shows that Android users are now more loyal to their platform as compared to their iOS counterparts. Another important fact is that other operating systems are so far behind in the numbers game.

We’ve always known that as of this moment, it really is a two-way horserace between Google and Apple. But people assume that because of the whole Apple ecosystem, iPhone and iPad users are more likely to stick to their devices rather than switch to Android. The data collected by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners show that there is now just a 78% loyalty rate for iOS, which is only second to the 82% rate for Android users. The data gathered was from a survey of 4.000 individual across the US, done on a quarterly basis.

While the two have commanding numbers, other operating systems don’t fare that well. Microsoft’s Window phones only managed to get 19% of users to remain faithful to them, while Blackberry is a hopeless case (as we’ve known for years now) with just a handful of 4% of users. Last April, SurveyMonkey shared that Samsung, whose devices runs on Android of course, had the highest loyalty rate among tech firms, with Apple just coming in second.

What the CIRP study doesn’t really show is why consumers still chose to stick to Android and iOS or even why users switch. But one analysis they did share is that switching carrier providers affects their choice. 79% of Android users would stay with the platform even if they switch to another carrier, but only 51% of iOS would stay with an iPhone once they made the switch. Still doesn’t explain much, but it is good to know.



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