Do you love classic gaming? Well Replica Island may be the game for you. This game is a traditional 2D side-scroller that features game play similar to that found on the NES and other early gaming systems.

It reminds me a lot of Super Mario with a little Sonic the Hedgehog. In this game our favorite mascot flies around crushing opponents all while solving a few puzzles to get out of sticky situations. With the progression of Android, most of the newer games are focused on 2.0 and up phones leaving the first generation hardware behind. Most games have some 3D aspect about them and don’t run well on older devices. This game is playable on all Android devices 1.5 and up. This game is a welcome change of pace and it’s pretty entertaining as well. Watch the quick video and give a go. Why not, it is free after all.

The market description reads:

“Professor Kabochanomizu needs your help! He has created you–a small green robot with rockets for feet–to locate a mysterious artifact on a bizarre island. Fly, stomp, and roll your way through 40 challenging levels!

Replica Island is an open-source 2D side scrolling game. More info at”