It’s not such a difficult thing to share your favorite media between your Android smartphone and your Android tablet via text messages or e-mail. However, it can be a challenge if you want to do something like share your favorite video between your Android smartphone and something like an iPad. A new app has surfaced that promises to make that sort of sharing easier to accomplish.

The app is called RemotePlay and it allows users to beam photos, music, videos, and documents between devices on the same network. The app launched for Android devices via Google Play on Thursday. The company says that the iOS version is very close to launching.

As it is now, running the application on your Android devices will make sharing content across the network easier to do. The application will allow you to do things like share a photo or document with everyone using the app on your current network the same time. That means no more sending out multiple texts or e-mails with the attachments when you want more than one person to see what you’re working on looking at.

An interesting feature of the application is that it allows the person who sent the image or document to close it on the devices when they’re done talking about it. The developer of the app says that it’s a combination of a proprietary discovery protocol and standard HTTP for file transfers. The app also performs transcoding to make content from iOS devices playable on Android devices. That transcoding process is said to introduce a bit of lag to the system. The company also says that is working on a version of the app for Windows 8.

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