If you wanted to have access to your Android device from the comforts of your desktop PC, Vysor was clearly one of the best ways to do it. Set up the app add-on to your Chrome browser, install the needed drivers and tools, and you’re good to go. So it was sad to see the app taken down from the Chrome app store around 2 days ago.

Koushik Dutta – or Koush to most of those who know him from the Android development community – released Vysor to beta around the middle of 2015. It was envisioned as a great way to remotely access your Android device from a PC. This has multiple uses for most people who work and have an Android device as their primary handheld, or just the convenience of being able to access your device remotely.

Koush said in a post on his Google+ account that “MPEG-LA folks” approached him for his usage of the x264 decoder within the Vysor app. The x264 decoder is one of the standard ways of decoding video in very efficient ways. It turns out that MPEG-LA wants to charge USD$0.20 per download of Vysor, which uses x264 for decoding real-time video.

Koush has said that he would rather take down the app than incur cost himself. He is not willing to pass on the cost to users as well, so until he “figures this situation out,” Vysor will not be available on the Chrome webstore.

SOURCE: +Koushik Dutta


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