Remember when Jide Technology’s Remix Mini was a big deal? It was a big deal because firstly, it showcased the PC-like capabilities of Remix OS, Jide’s unique multi-tasking Android fork. Secondly, you never thought Android and PC would come together in such a small package. The good news is now, Jide is putting out the Remix IO – a truly worthy successor and upgrade to the Remix Mini.


Ever heard of an Android-powered set top box which can double as an Android-powered work PC as well? We thought so. Jide Technology is bringing out the Remix IO, an all-in-one device that can serve as your set top box, Android gaming console, or work station – whatever you need it to be.


First let’s look at what makes the Remix IO run. It comes in that minimalist black box aesthetic, but gone are the round curves of the Remix Mini – enter the generic square Apple TV/Amazon Fire TV-like design. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing, we will have to see. But in Jide’s defense, they did need more space to pack in a few more pieces of hardware on this one. First up, the Remix IO is setup for 4K output at 60fps via HDMI. Powering that is an RK3368 chipset, one of Rockchip’s more powerful chipsets which gives you up to 1.5GHz octa-core performance, and supported by 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage.


As a set top box for your big screen TV, the 4K output with HDR should do well. The Remix OS inside the device – based on Android Nougat – allows you to install both Android TV-only apps and regular Android apps, so you can get the best of both worlds. If you look closely, the chipset is also optimized for the newer h265 high efficiency video codec (HEVC) that you find being used more and more these days. The Remix IO also comes with its own remote, something that was missing with the Remix Mini.


As Android gaming console, you have a choice of thousands of games via the Google Play Store – and since the Remix IO doubles as Android TV, you can also play those games which are specifically for that platform only. Gaming controllers will be able to sync with the device via Bluetooth. Remix IO also features the Remix OS Gaming Toolkit, which allows you to map touchscreen-based commands to your natural keyboard and mouse actions.


Lastly, the Remix IO features a desktop PC mode – you can switch from the TV mode to this mode, as the TV mode will have slightly larger icons for remote usage. The desktop PC mode will bring your screen to a desktop PC-like display, smaller icons great for keyboard and mouse operations. You have the multi-window, multi-tasking experience unique to Remix OS, taskbar, and usage of document creation and editing apps. Jide even put a VGA output port on the Remix IO, just in case you’re using an older display.


This device is up on Kickstarter right now, asking for your crowdfunding money. At USD$99, you can get the device and its accompanying remote. Higher donations will get you more devices at cheaper prices (USD$169 for 2 Remix IOs, etc.). So give it a good think, but we’re probably jumping in to try this as well. The Remix IO is scheduled to start shipping by March 2017.