While there are plenty of options for task management apps when it comes to Android, it is hard to argue that Remember The Milk is a name known by many. And now, thanks to a recently updated app, those using RTM will be able to do so on an Android tablet. This newfound tablet support arrives as part of the v3.0 app update which also includes what is being described as a “new and intuitive” user interface.

The v3.0 update also brought some improvements to the widgets and reminder notifications. Part of the new interface is the addition of the “card stack concept.” With this you will be able to swipe through your tasks and notes with gestures. Another item coming with this update are the new task and note views. In this case, the task view redesign was done in an effort to make it quicker and easier to edit or delete a task as well as add a new note. Switching over, the new note view will now allow you to go full screen while viewing or editing a note.

Other items coming along with the Remember The Milk v3.0 update include being able to edit multiple tasks as well as the ability to “tap to get stuff done.” In the case of the tapping, here you will be able to complete and also postpone a task by tapping and holding. From this point you will see the options for ‘Complete’ and ‘Postpone’ appear for selection.

Otherwise, this update also brought something specific for those using Android 4.1 and above — updated notifications that are actionable. Those using Remember The Milk with Jelly Bean will be able to ‘Complete’ or ‘Postpone’ a task from the notification. They will also be able to get multi-line notifications which should help for those reminders that have multiple tasks included. Finally, the redesigned widget. With these, the widgets now have what is being described as a “cleaner” design as well as a resizable Smart Bar Widget and support for lock screen widgets. That all being said, Remember The Milk v3.0 can be found using this Google Play Store link.

[via Remember The Milk Blog]


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