When you suffer from some sort of visual impairment, that doesn’t really stop you from using gadgets like smartphones and tablets. But your ailment does make it difficult for you sometimes to read and watch various visually heavy media. There are gadgets and apps out there to help you, but sometimes they cost an arm and a leg. A new app from Samsung called Relúmĭno is available, but only if you have a Gear VR to go along with your Samsung smartphone.

The visual aid application, when used on your Gear VR, will magnify or minimize pictures or adjust the color contrast and brightness of the image or text that you’re looking at. It can also remap your field of view, highlight the outline of objects, and filter colors so as to deal with things like blind spots and tunnel vision. Basically what it does is process the images from videos projected from your smartphone’s rear camera and make the images more visually-impaired friendly. However, there is no support from this app for the totally blind.

Relúmĭno, which means “light up again” started out as a C-Lab Project last May and was conceptualized to help visually impaired people enjoy daily activities that everyone takes for granted. While it may be weird for people to be walking around wearing their Gear VR, they will continue to develop the app and are even planning to create glasses-like products to use with the app so they can normally do activities without the bulkiness of the headset.

The Relúmĭno app can be downloaded from the Oculus Store and has support for both Korean and English. It will work with newer Galaxy smartphones like the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S8, and S8+.

SOURCE: Samsung