Reketu just released their Reketu Mobile service for the T-Mobile G1. Now users can make phone-to-phone calls, send SMS messages, email, send and receive instant messages, store and share pictures over a data connection. This new service is added to Raketu’s existing communications information, entertainment and social networking features.

“Raketu’s release for Google’s G1 mobile will allow users the ability to access free or lowest cost communications services from anywhere in the world,” said Greg Parker, president and CEO of Raketu. “Adding support for the new Google G1 mobile continues Raketu’s focus of providing free or lowest cost communications and entertainment services to all mobile devices.”

Much like Truphone, users can make international calls from any device from anywhere in the world for Raketu’s low rates. Make phone to computer, commuter to phone or phone to phone calls without ever having to pay extra. This service is available currently for existing customers; if you are new you can sign up at

[Via BBXExchange]


  1. I hope these application works to make an inexpensive international call. I hope the interface of these kind of application is user friendly. As we all know, people are likely to hold on some things that were really affordable and I hope this is worth of time.

    Beatrice Raz Hyun
    Cheap International Call


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