Fitness wearables are becoming the latest fashion and technology trend, with almost all OEMs coming up with their own variant or integrating features or apps wiith their smartwatches. One of the newer ones in the market is Reign by Jaybird, which was unveiled last January at the CES. It will now only be available in the market by October 26, and it is trying to find its place in a market that is slowly getting crowded. But it boasts of a few features that cannot be found in its competitors, so it has a strong fighting chance to make its mark.

One thing that Reign can boast about is its ability to track not just your heart rate but rather the Heart Rate Viability (HRV) which is actually closer to what you would get in a medical EKG. It also has a new metric called “Go-Score” which will tell you if your body is ready for activity based on your statistics, HRV, etc. It will give you hints when it’s time to exercise (a polite way of telling you to get off your butt) or whether you should slow down because your HRV is showing signs of danger.

The fitness band also has the other usual support for fitness activities like running, cycling, swimming and even just plain old walking. It can also track your sleeping habits and if you connect it to the Reign app (via Bluetooth LE), it can give you your “Go-Zone” or healthy-living score. Reign can last around 5 days if fully charged and it only takes two hours to bring it to full capacity. For the color-conscious, the bands will only be in black, white and green.

The wearable band comes with a charging pod and a silicone and brushed metal band, along with an ankle strap for those who’ll be cycling and two other silicone bands. Reign will be priced at $199 and will be available online by October 26 but will also soon be in Best Buy stores. For now, the app only works with iOS devices but the Android version will be available by December.

VIA: SlashGear